Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The one and only... Mr. Bobby Cox

I have to share with you my favorite image of all time that I have taken.  Bobby Cox came to the Gwinnett Braves game and threw out the first pitch!  I can't express to you how lucky I felt to be photographing him. I was a little star struck at first, but I had to slap myself and act normal... haha!  He is a legend, and Im so glad that I captured this moment!  I will cherish this photograph forever, and I hope you all enjoy! :)

" For the Love of Baseball "

As we all know, I have been interning with the Gwinnett Braves since April 2011.  For my portfolio for school, my specialized study evolved into baseball.  At first it was going to be only action shots, but then I started capturing images at the ball field that reflected the mood of baseball.  While one is looking at my images, it should give you the feel as if you were in a baseball stadium.  I absolutely love how they all turned out and I hope you do too! :)  Take a look!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Abandoned Church

There is this abandoned church near my house that I have been eyeing for a few months...  a few weeks ago I wanted to check it out!  I went around 5:30 and the lighting was absolutely perfect!  So I took advantage of that of course!  The lighting was creating awesome shadows on the church giving it a taunting feel.  Perfect opportunity for a black & white photo!  I was a little nervous to show my teacher, because I wasn't sure how she would react.......well she liked it :)  And its going in my portfolio!

Portrait time...

My friend Lindsay came into the studio a couple weeks ago and I was able to shoot a portrait of her.  I was going for a simple chic black & white photograph!  I shot against a white background using one light on a soft box!  I am so pleased with the results!  I am happy to say that one of the images from that shoot is going in my portfolio!  Thank goodness!  Take a look :)

Commercial Shoot

For my portfolio class, one of our assignments was to shoot for section D ( advertising ).  I had this really pretty old fashion perfume bottle that I wanted to shoot along with some incense. The shoot went well even though lighting it was very difficult!  During the critique, my teacher liked my shot but she suggested that I shot only the bottle making it more about the bottle.  So I gave that a shot and I'm glad I did!  My teacher liked it and it is now going in my portfolio!  Take a look at my shot from my first shoot and my second!

First shot

Final Shot

Food Shoot

A couple weeks ago, my class had the opportunity to photograph food... sounds easy right?? Absolutely not!  It was a challenge to say the least. We were paired up with a chief from the culinary department, and our goal in the end was to make the food look good and tasteful.   My dish was Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup.  I wanted to make my set to look very rustic to go along with the soup.  We got down to culinary around 9 am and we didn't leave the school until 6pm.  It was a very long day, but very worth it.  I believe we all learned a lot, and I came out with a pretty neat shot :)