Monday, November 29, 2010

A day with the White family!

Yesterday I did a photo shoot with the White family!  I have taken pictures of their son, Aiden a couple times before.  They wanted me to take some for his 1 year old pictures, and some of their family!  They were hoping to get one for their Christmas card!  Aiden is my favorite little subject to take photos of.  He is the happiest little baby, and never gives me a bad picture.  Yesterday, the weather was a little bit of a challenge because it was so cold outside.  But we made it work!  The pictures turned out awesome, and they are very pleased with them!

He has a picture with this bear when he was a newborn! 

Cape Family!

On the day I did the engagement shoot, I was also able to take pictures of the family!  It was a lot of fun, and all the pictures turned out great!  One of my favorite things about photography is being able to capture the moment and seeing the clients smile when they see the finished product. They were all great to work with, and I can't wait to do another photo shoot with them in the future! Take a look at some of the pictures!

Engagement Shoot :)

Over the break, I did engagement pictures for my best friend, Ashton and her fiance, Josh.  We took the pictures on Ashton's property in Suwanee, Ga.  We had such a great time, and they are such a beautiful couple!  Its still hard to believe that my best friend since 4th grade is getting married.  The funny thing is, we made a pact when we were younger that we would have kids at the same time.... so I guess that means I need to get married first... oh and maybe I need a boyfriend as well... haha!!  Lets see if we keep that pact!  They get married in less than a year and I couldn't be more happier for the two of them!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Portrait Session :)

Last Saturday I worked the Holiday Portraits from 10-12!  Everything went smoothly.. and we were VERY busy!  But being busy is a good thing!  Our first customers were my sweet grandparents and their lovely dog, Chloe!  Our team was awesome.. I was the shooter, Ashley Arnold was the poser, and Nicole was in the back editing the photos!  Everyone did an awesome job!  My grandparents are very pleased with their pictures!  Take a look :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Lens!

The other day I mentioned how I really wanted to buy a new lens.  And usually when I want something, I try my hardest to make it happen :) So I went to Best Buy with Ashley Arnold and looked at the 50mm lens for my camera and bought back to my car, put the lens on my camera, and realized that it would not auto focus on my camera. Oh boy...way to pay attention Kayla...  So I went back in and asked if they had the 50mm that is compatible for my camera... well they didn't.  So I got the 35mm Nikon lens... and good news.. its compatible with my camera!  And I am very pleased with my purchase! Thank you Ashley for coming with me.... and talking sense into me ;) lovely assistant for the day :)

Aiden Man :)

A little while ago, I took some pictures of my favorite little boy, Aiden!!  This photo shoot was a lot of fun!  He was 8 months old at the time, so he couldn't walk yet, but he could crawl...!  I am pretty sure he is the happiest baby ever... he didn't cry at all the entire time we were shooting.. and we shot for about 2 1/2 hours! I am excited because next Wednesday, I get to do another photo shoot with him!  And this time, he will have teeth :)  Look at this sweet boy.. looks like a little man doesn't he?

Holiday Portrait Fun :)

On Tuesday night, I worked my first Holiday Portrait shift! I had the pleasure of working with Ashley Arnold, Christina Cline, and Nicole Lord! We figured out that working on a Tuesday night is a little bit slow, but we made it a point to still have a good time with it!  We had one customer during our shift, and it just so happened that it was Santa Clause!  He came all prepared with the entire outfit, and he even brought along a santa bag! Working the Holiday Portraits put me in the Christmas mood for sure :) Here are some of the shots we took after our shift! :)

Beautiful mother of mine :)

I thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot with my mom today!  The lighting outside lately has been so beautiful, and I just wanted to take advantage of that!  My mom is very beautiful, and I have to say...VERY photogenic!  My teacher, Ms. Finch has been constantly telling us to go out and shoot with this lighting, and that we cannot make up this lighting in a studio!  My mom is such a trooper to be my model!  I shot these with my new lens that I purchased yesterday from Best Buy! I got the Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens!  I absolutely love it, and it is very easy to carry around....!! Take a look :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kathleen Bowie... Amazing photographer

I wanted to share with you a photographer that really inspires me! Her name is Kathleen Bowie and  I have known her for a while now, her mother actually tutored me all throughout high school!  She is a self-taught photographer and she has been in the business since 2002, but she has had a camera around her neck since she was a little girl!  Her work inspires me, because it is so simple, but very beautiful!  I love all the portraits she takes of little ones!  You can always tell when someone is passionate about their work, and you can honestly see the her passion throughout every photograph she takes!  

Fill Flash Assignment

Last night, I took some shots at a concert held at the Melting Point in Athens, Ga!  I had the opportunity to use my flash and play around with it, and Im hoping I got my fill flash assignment fulfilled!  The concert was put on by the kids from Nucis Space!  I am planning on doing my photo essay on these kids and tell about the after school program "amped after school"!  These kids are definitely one of a kind!  They are amazing musicians and I can't wait to share their story! Take a look at some of the pictures!

Possible Lens....

I have been wanting a new lens for a while now, and Im trying to decide which one to get.  I don't have a TON of money to spend right now, but I am still interested in making some sort of purchase!  I did some research, and I came across the Nikon 50mm lens with a 1.8 aperture!  I found it on best buys website, and it is actually on sale right now for $125!  Yes!!!  This lens is a great buy, and I feel like its a good lens to have in a collection.  Its great to use for portraits as well!  I have two photo shoots lines up next week, so HOPEFULLY I will have a new lens! ;)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Best of Photojournalism 2010

I know I keep saying that I love photojournalism.... but I am going to say it again, I Love Photojournalism with all my heart.  I constantly go to the website, the best of photojournalism 2010 to get inspired, and let me to you, it works. I came across this photo taken by Barbera Davidson of Los Angeles Times and looking at it brought tears to my eyes.  It amazes me how a photographer can capture a moment like this and for me, it it so much more than a picture, its also a story within itself.  Take a look at this photo.  Believe me, you will be inspired.

Sgt. Major Leroy Walker cries during the singing of “Amazing Graze” during a candle light vigil for his fellow soldiers gunned down by Major Nidal Hasan, a US military psychiatrist, at Fort Hood Military Base in Texas. Witnesses say Major Hassan bowed his head for several seconds, as if praying, stood up and drew a high-powered pistol. “Allahu akbar,” he cried — “God is great.” And he opened fire. Within minutes he had killed 13 people and wounded 32 others before a civilian police officer shot him, leaving him paralyzed.

I want......

So I have been wanting a cute/chic camera bag for a while now.  I hate carrying around your typical black boring camera bag, and I want something thats a little bit more me!  I have been looking everywhere, and I have not found one that I really love.......until now!  The other day I was talking to my fellow classmate, Lori, and we were talking about camera bags.  She told me to go to Jill-e designs!  I absolutely love all their stuff!  I found a bag that I love!! Good thing Christmas is just around the corner ;) Favorite thing about this bag is ITS PINK!!! Yes!! Just my style.... take a look :)


Beginning of my photography journey

The beginning of this year, the photography program welcomed 66 new students!  Its crazy to think that just one year ago, we were all in that same position doing what they are learning to do now.  I look back and I remember what little I knew about photography and how quickly i fell in love with it.  One thing I miss about the first year of photography is using the dark room.  I know it is so old fashion, but in reality, thats where photography started.  Back in the day, they didn't have the luxury of digital.  I came across a couple pictures from my first year in the photography program.  One is a self portrait, and the other is whats called a photogram.  Take a look!

A piece of my life.

Last quarter in our MultiMedia class, our final assignment was to make a life video.  I did mine on dance.  I was a dancer for 13 years.  I began dancing at age 3!  Dancing was my life, and I loved every minute of it! I hope this video allows you to better understand who I am and where I came from!  Enjoy!

Photojournalism Seminar

This quarter, I am taking my first ever photojournalism class.  I have discovered that I am really passionate about it, and I am beginning to think that I want to go in that direction.  What inspired me the most about photojournalism is that its all about capturing a moment you cant get back, and being a part of that particular moment.  I feel really honored, because my photojournalism teacher, Ms. Finch, invited me to go to the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar.  I will be volunteering at the seminar and I am super excited about it!  I know that this is going to be an awesome opportunity, and I cant wait to be apart of it!  The 2010 Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar is December 3-4 and will be held at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center!   The seminar was founded in 1973 by a group of photojournalists representing newspapers, magazines, and wire services.  They seek to promote the highest standards if photojournalism through an annual educational conference and a photography contest judged by working photographers.

Statement Video

This is my statement video I did last quarter for my MultiMedia class. This video is very personal to me, but I feel that it is important to continue to share my story.  I feel very passionate about speaking out against eating disorders, and I hope this video will allow you to better understand the constant stuggle amoung women today regarding their appearance.

My Speech Project

A few months ago, I did a study abroad trip to Italy.  The communications departement went along with us, so those of us that went, got credit for a speech class!  Throughout our trip, we had to do little speeches for the communications teacher, and our last project for the class was to do a Central Idea Speech regarding something about Italy.  And because we are photography students, she allowed us to do our speech via video!  Last quarter in our MultiMedia class, we were taught how to create videos using a program called ImovieHD! So I gathered my skilles that I learned and  incorperated them into this video!  My speech teahcer was very pleased, and she invited me to a Communications seminar that she will be speaking at and she wants to share this video with others at the seminar!  What a great honor! Take a look :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Flash!!

A few days ago, I purchased the Nikon SB900 flash for my camera!  I always knew I had to buy one someday for my career.... but for some reason, I kept putting it off!  We had a lecture last week in our photojournalism class about fill flash and it inspired to buy one!  I was kind of on the fence about which one to buy... so I contacted a classmate of mine, Trent Chau, because I knew he had some knowledge about flash. Thank you Trent for talking me through this!!  I was trying to decide between the SB900 and the SB600.... the 600 is less expensive than the 900 and of course being a student, I wanted to go the cheaper route! But I thought about it... did some research.. and was convinced to get the 900!  So worth it!!

Holiday Portraits!!

These past couple of weeks, we have been working our tails off to finish the Holiday Portrait set of 2010! It has definitely been a journey for sure, but I am so thankful to be apart of such a great team!  This past week, we have been getting and the final touches prepared!  Ashley Arnold and I worked on the studio doors to make them look like presents, and they look sooo cute!  Erik Helms and I volunteered to be the models for the sample pose!  And today, we took a group shot of the upper quarter!  We are all so excited to get this started!  :)

Aren't we cute?? haha

Yup... :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ethics of Photojournalism

Today in our photojournalism class, a retired police officer ( Joe ) who had been with the Gwinnett County police department for over 30 years, came and spoke to us about photojournalist and their right to be at a crime scene.  I thought it was awesome that he took time out of his day to come and talk with us.  I learned that photojournalists and police officers can work as a team, ONLY if the photographer is respectful.  He told us that there had been many problems in the past where photographers over step their boundaries and end up and jail.  If a police officer says no..... he really means it.  They are not messing around and they will ALWAYS win the argument, no matter what the situation may be.  He also told us that when a photographer is respectful, the police officer will try to work with them and allow them on a scene.  Joe spoke about when a crime scene has yellow crime tape... its NOT a good idea to cross it, you will go to jail.  Also, if you come across a accident where there has been fatalities, do not photograph them.  It is out of common courtesy and respect for the family.  I am so glad that Joe came and talked to us today.  I feel that we all have a better understanding of the ethics of photojournalism.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Amelia Island, a little piece of paradise

This past weekend, I went to Amelia Island.  I had been there before, but I do not remember it being so beautiful and peaceful!  Our house was right on the beach.  In the mornings, I would sit out on the deck, drink my coffee, and listen to the waves crash in.  There is nothing more peaceful than listening to Gods creation. I thought it was pretty cool, because the room I was staying in at the house, had a huge picture of Ansel Adams!  I was like, "Oh this is a sign that I am meant to be here"!  We were very lucky because the weather was perfect!  It felt like a little taste of summer!  I was able to capture some pretty images from the sunrise!  I almost forgot how breath taking watching a sunrise can be! Take a look :)


Happy Birthday to Ryan (Halloween style)

This past weekend, I took a trip down to Amelia Island for the Ga/Fl game!  My family, and our good family friends rented a house on the beach and it was absolutely amazing!  And it just so happened that our good friend, Ryan was celebrating his 34th birthday.... on Halloween!  The house was completely decked out with Halloween goodies and we celebrated Halloween style! Its a good thing he's a big fan of "sweets"!  Take a look at some of the pictures!

Thank you Heather for making the goodies! 

Ryans presents (all from his wife)

Holiday Portrait Set

Holiday Portraits 2010 is ALMOST here!!!  We have been working hard to get the set complete!! The construction department at GTC really helped us out by building an awesome sleigh!! The Christmas trees are up, the sleigh is painted, the back drop complete, and the set is filled with snow!  Its feeling alot like Christmas... I know it's kinda early, but now im excited! Tomorrow is the last day to work on the set and we still have a lot of work to do!  Holiday Portraits start next Thursday November 11th at 4:00pm!  Please come out and support the photography departement!  You wont regret it!  Take a look at the "work in progress set".

Ashley excited about the sleigh!