Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Speech Project

A few months ago, I did a study abroad trip to Italy.  The communications departement went along with us, so those of us that went, got credit for a speech class!  Throughout our trip, we had to do little speeches for the communications teacher, and our last project for the class was to do a Central Idea Speech regarding something about Italy.  And because we are photography students, she allowed us to do our speech via video!  Last quarter in our MultiMedia class, we were taught how to create videos using a program called ImovieHD! So I gathered my skilles that I learned and  incorperated them into this video!  My speech teahcer was very pleased, and she invited me to a Communications seminar that she will be speaking at and she wants to share this video with others at the seminar!  What a great honor! Take a look :)

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