Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Flash!!

A few days ago, I purchased the Nikon SB900 flash for my camera!  I always knew I had to buy one someday for my career.... but for some reason, I kept putting it off!  We had a lecture last week in our photojournalism class about fill flash and it inspired to buy one!  I was kind of on the fence about which one to buy... so I contacted a classmate of mine, Trent Chau, because I knew he had some knowledge about flash. Thank you Trent for talking me through this!!  I was trying to decide between the SB900 and the SB600.... the 600 is less expensive than the 900 and of course being a student, I wanted to go the cheaper route! But I thought about it... did some research.. and was convinced to get the 900!  So worth it!!


  1. You just made my decision easier too. I will be getting that soon!

  2. I have a SB600, so now I'm envious. Check out the high speed sync function in the camera menu