Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ethics of Photojournalism

Today in our photojournalism class, a retired police officer ( Joe ) who had been with the Gwinnett County police department for over 30 years, came and spoke to us about photojournalist and their right to be at a crime scene.  I thought it was awesome that he took time out of his day to come and talk with us.  I learned that photojournalists and police officers can work as a team, ONLY if the photographer is respectful.  He told us that there had been many problems in the past where photographers over step their boundaries and end up and jail.  If a police officer says no..... he really means it.  They are not messing around and they will ALWAYS win the argument, no matter what the situation may be.  He also told us that when a photographer is respectful, the police officer will try to work with them and allow them on a scene.  Joe spoke about when a crime scene has yellow crime tape... its NOT a good idea to cross it, you will go to jail.  Also, if you come across a accident where there has been fatalities, do not photograph them.  It is out of common courtesy and respect for the family.  I am so glad that Joe came and talked to us today.  I feel that we all have a better understanding of the ethics of photojournalism.

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