Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Amelia Island, a little piece of paradise

This past weekend, I went to Amelia Island.  I had been there before, but I do not remember it being so beautiful and peaceful!  Our house was right on the beach.  In the mornings, I would sit out on the deck, drink my coffee, and listen to the waves crash in.  There is nothing more peaceful than listening to Gods creation. I thought it was pretty cool, because the room I was staying in at the house, had a huge picture of Ansel Adams!  I was like, "Oh this is a sign that I am meant to be here"!  We were very lucky because the weather was perfect!  It felt like a little taste of summer!  I was able to capture some pretty images from the sunrise!  I almost forgot how breath taking watching a sunrise can be! Take a look :)


I have to give credit to Kaleigh for this! She took this with her Iphone 4G

Our house on the beach!

View from our room!

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  1. I used to call on customer near Amelia Island. Always ate lunch on the island.