Sunday, October 24, 2010

Photography School Bauer

While in Italy, we visited the Photography School Bauer in Milan, Italy.  This was SO fascinating to see other photography students doing what we love to do, but in another country.  We got to sit in one of their classrooms and speak with all of the professors.  They were open to any questions we had, but the only downside of it was the little English they spoke.  That make it a little difficult to communicate! They presented us with a slideshow of the students work!  After that, they took us on a tour of the school!  Everything was so organized and in perfect order! We learned that they start off their students with a photogram! We were all so excited because thats exactly what we had to do when we first started the program!

Damian helping out

look how everything is so organized

Gretta and I

Nicole and I

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